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Your smile deserves the very best. If you’re having trouble finding a dentist that you trust, we understand that it can be tough. Finding a dentist you feel confident in can be as challenging as finding a primary physician you like. This is why our dental team takes great pride in providing quality, dependable general dentistry to patients of all ages here in Flushing, MI. If you’re currently looking for a dentist to provide your smile with the care it deserves, then it might just be time to turn to us!

If it’s been a while since you last saw the dentist, you’re currently looking for a regular dentist you can turn to, or you’ve had some rough experiences in the past, and you’re a little nervous, our dental team is here for you every step of the way. We understand that visiting the dentist is probably not the highlight of your day, but by getting routine checkups, cleanings, and preventive care from our team, we can help protect the health and appearance of your smile.

At Flushing Dental Care, we go out of our way to make sure every patient’s needs are met, from welcoming smiles and simple check-ins to smooth, comfortable dental treatments. We also provide a full range of dental services to kids, teens, adults, and seniors here in Flushing, MI, so your whole family can get the routine dental checkups they need in one place.

A general dentist is the first dentist you’ll turn to for most of your dental needs. Along with routine cleanings and preventive care, we also treat cavities and place fillings, provide orthodontic treatment, treat gum disease, and improve the appearance of your smile through popular cosmetic options such as teeth whitening or dental veneers.

We can address all of your needs, so you always know exactly where to turn. For more advanced or specialized procedures and treatments, such as a wisdom tooth extraction, we can also provide our patients with referrals to trusted specialists and other medical professionals.

Here at Flushing Dental Care in Flushing, MI, we put your smile first! Whether you’re on the hunt for a new dentist or you simply need to schedule your next dental cleaning, call our practice today at (810) 733-2700!


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